A couples session in an art museum? Yes please.

Claire is a fellow photographer and when she asked if we could take these photos of her and her partner Ryan at the VMFA, I wanted to scream 'YES.' We had so much fun letting the creative juices flow, playing with lighting and different backgrounds at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond.

I am a firm believer in making your session feel like you. For the most part; there is no dream too big when it comes to planning your session. Do something you've always wanted to do while also getting your pictures taken. Choose a location you love or have always wanted to go to. Include your favorite hobby or favorite food.

Whatever or wherever, I'm ready to go! All you have to do is say the word. That's why Hope Hoggard Photo is for the dreamers. I want to help you execute the memories you've always dreamt of. We can do this thing together.

Couples and engagement photographer based in Hampton, Virginia!
Romantic couples session in an art museum.
Dreamy couples photos.
Couples photographer based in VA
Romantic couples session in Richmond, Virginia!
Couples and engagement photographer based in VA.
Dreamy art museum couples session.
Virginia couples session at the VMFA
Intimate couples photographer!
Cute couples session in Richmond, VA
Dreamy art museum couples session
Beautiful gif of a couple in an art museum!
Romantic couples and engagement photographer based out of Hampton, Virginia!
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Virginia couples and wedding photographer
Intimate couples photography session.
Couples session at the VMFA in Virginia!
Dreamy couples session in Richmond, Virginia!
Art museum couples photoshoot
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