Need help planning your proposal? Look no further :)

When it comes to proposal planning, there are a lot of moving parts that you may get overwhelmed by. It's okay though! I'm here to help you feel not so overwhelmed while trying to plan everything. Because this is probably your first time, here are some things to help the planning process feel less stressful!

  • Have a plan, and make sure your photographer knows it. If you're hiring a photographer to photograph your proposal (which you should 😉), you want to make sure they have a clear understanding of what's going to happen leading up to that special moment. You don't want to keep them in the dark and then them miss it! If you need help figuring out how to go about everything, don't hesitate to ask! As a photographer, we're here to make sure it all goes smoothly.
  • If you have a song that you consider 'your song,' play it! You can play it yourself or ask your photographer to play it when you get down on one knee. It helps to set the mood and makes the moment that much more special.
  • Choose a location that's significant to the both of you. If you don't have somewhere in mind that's special to the both of you, choose somewhere that's important to your significant other, or just somewhere that you know you like and will feel comfortable. It could be anywhere from your first date spot to your partner's favorite beach.
  • Don't stress.

Most of these may seem pretty self-explanatory, but they're easy tips to make the moment that much more special. Let your photographer help you figure everything out, so that all you have to do is worry about getting down on one knee. We're here to help YOU! Seems easy enough, right? This day can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but try not to over analyze the little things. It's going to be beautiful whether you 'go all out' or simply propose in a park. You've got this.