Need outfit help for your session?

Whether you're like me and you're not a huge fan of the heat, or you're the exact opposite; you may need some help figuring out what to wear! Picking out your outfit is sometimes the most stressful part of planning your session. I'm here to help that process become simple and easy! In this blog I'll share what you should think about when it comes to deciding what to wear, and my personal opinion on what looks best. Read to the end to see some great outfit examples!

What to consider:
  • Location is SUCH an important part of choosing what to wear. Try to make sure your outfits go with where your session is going to take place, which can also include the weather. Are you taking photos at the beach, or will you be downtown at a nice coffee shop? This can help determine whether you may want to dress fancier or more casual, and either are fine.
  • If you're into color, make sure you're not clashing with the location, or in some cases your significant other! If you're planning your couples session, I recommend wearing complementary colors instead of the exact same color. It's never wrong to go neutral! Neutral colors let your location and you do the talking- they allow for what's most important to be highlighted- YOU (and your s/o).
  • Patterns can be great additions to your outfit when done right. My biggest advice for deciding how to incorporate a pattern is to not overdo it. Don't wear more than one pattern! If you're planning an outfit for your couples session and want to include a patterned item, only include that one piece.
  • My only advice when it comes to accessories is that less is more! I'm sure you know how to match jewelry and other accessories to your clothing, but in my opinion you don't need too much! Hats are great, and so is jewelry! If you're planning your engagement session, make sure your jewelry highlights your ring and doesn't overshadow it. And of course, complementary colors are the goal. :)
  • Be yourself! When it comes to planning your outfit, make sure you're comfortable in what you're wearing. You don't HAVE to wear a dress if that's not you. You CAN wear your favorite tee. At the end of the day, your photos will look best if you love what you're wearing! So don't stress the little things and if you ever need more advice, you know who to message!
Couples photographer in Hampton, VA.

This is a great example of complementing a pattern! Liz did a great job of matching the colors on Kyle's shirt. This way it doesn't look too busy or clash.

Fun photography portraits.

Lindsay chose to stay neutral with her outfit and it really enhanced her expression and the scenery around her!

Couples and wedding photographer based in Virginia!

Maddie and Austin chose to wear complimentary pinks, and it worked out really well! They both decided to wear similar colors, but they didn't clash.