Yep, you read that right. It's me.

Hi! If we haven't met yet, or you never read my posts from 2021, I'm Hope. I wanted to start fresh on this blog, so you won't be able to find any of my pervious posts anymore. ;)

I am a couples and wedding photographer based in Hampton, Virginia. I started this lovely photography journey in 2020. It may be cliche to call it a journey, but that's truthfully what it's been. Photography has given me a space to work on myself and to connect with some of the most amazing creatives and clients. I've loved each and every human I've come across, and I'm so thankful to do what I do.

The new purpose of this blog is not just photography based, but also to be a little bit of an outlet for my thoughts. As you read in the bio area of this blog, I have always loved writing, but I never thought that I was very good at it. I can't say that each and every post will be perfect, but they will be from the heart. I hope that you'll enjoy this new step! Can't wait to share more with you.

Below are some photos of what life has looked like recently.

Lots of Quality Time

Quality Time With the Hubby

Valentine's Minis!

Working on the House

We painted the floor in our kitchen!

Fun Rooftop Session

Helped a Photog Friend

Mason Murawski + Ann Swanson Wellness