Looking for a photography location in Hampton Roads?

Hi! If you're stumbling upon this blog post while you look for places to take photos, you've come to the right place! My name is Hope and I am a couples and wedding photographer based in Hampton, Virginia. I've taken photos all over the Hampton Roads area and I'm still finding fun and unique places to take photos every day. Below are just a few of my favorite places to take pictures, and maybe some locations you've never been to.

  1. Fort Monroe (Hampton) - Fort Monroe is a classic in the Hampton area, and is a great place if you want a bit of variety in your session! It has an extensive history including the civil war, and is still owned by the state so it's kept up pretty well. The fort boasts a large green lawn, lovely old brick buildings, and even has a beach. The inside of the moat is very versatile and is a great location for any kind of photoshoot!
  2. Pleasure House Natural Area (Virginia Beach) - I'm going to be honest, there are almost always people at Pleasure House, but it's not hard to find out why when you've been there. Home to over 100 acres of marshland and sandy shores, its scenic views of the sunset by the Lynnhaven River.
  3. Gosnold's Hope Park (Hampton) - If you're looking for something with a more casual feel or for quick photos, I love Gosnold's! There is a white swing by a small pond that's super cute for pictures, as well as a few grassy patches that are great as well.
  4. Historical Tour Rd (Yorktown) - Historical Tour Road is a little hike off of Surrender Road in Yorktown, VA, but some of the spots are BEAUTIFUL. It's kept up pretty well by the national park service and has a really cool spot where a stream runs over the road. You can drive it or walk it, but it's a pretty long walk if that's what you decide to do. It's a great location if you don't want to be overcrowded by a ton of people.
  5. Bethel and Haven Beach (Onemo) - I was recently introduced to the beaches of the Mathews area out past Gloucester, VA, and they're stunning. These are also great locations if you want less people.

These are just a few of all the great photography locations in the Hampton Roads area, and I hope that maybe you'll consider them for your next photoshoot! If you'd like some more photo inspiration feel free to click the link below and check out my Pinterest page. It has a great mix of my own photos as well as others.

fort Monroe National Monument - Photography Locations

Fort Monroe

Pleasure House Natural Area - Photography Locations

Pleasure House Natural Area

Gosnold's Hope Park

Historical Tour Road - Photography Locations

Historical Tour Road

Bethel Beach - Photography Locations

Bethel Beach

Haven Beach - Photography Locations

Haven Beach