Get to know the girl behind the camera!

If you've stumbled upon this sweet little space of mine, welcome! My name is Hope and I am a wedding photographer based out of Virginia. Photography has been a passion of mine since high school, but when the pandemic hit and I lost my job my husband pushed me to go for it. When I first started photography I told my husband I would probably never shoot weddings, but here we are. :) It took time, but now getting to be a part of the most love and joy-filled day of your life is the absolute best part of my job.

My husband and I are both self-employed full time! We love getting to have time to be with each other throughout the week as well as helping each other with our passions. If you book your wedding with me you just might get to meet him as well as my second shooter! We met in middle school and have been married since April of 2020. Experiencing our own COVID wedding in the thick of it allows me to sympathize with all of my sweet brides who have had to move things around.

Other than photography, I absolutely love getting to spend time with family and friends. My closest family and friends mean the world to me, so I try to spend as much as I can with them! I have 5 older siblings who are amazing parents and role-models, as well an awesome widowed mama who raised us all on her own. We enjoy getting together for game nights, holidays, or just because! My husband and I also have a very close set of friends about 2 hours from where we live, and we consider it our second home. A lot of weekends are spent there not only to hang out with them but also to work!

The girl behind the camera loves all things neutral and warm, although surprisingly her favorite season is winter. She is constantly learning and growing, and hopes that maybe you'll find her warm enough to book with!

I have an about me page on this website that might give more insight into who I am, but you'll probably learn the most by following me on instagram. ;)

Our sweet cats; Blu and Atlas!

Me and my sweet husband!

Virginia wedding photographer